Kona Green Spirulina Green Tea

Enjoy the synergistic benefits from Hawaiian Spirulina, the green superfood and organic green tea. The powerful packed beverage promise not only to quench your thirst, but also nourish your body. With the convenient 2g pack, it provides easy storage to be packed in any bag to bring along on holidays for a healthy drink. Just add a glass of water to it, hot or cold based on personal preference. You can enjoy Kona Green Spirulina Green Tea anywhere you go. You can enjoy it at home, serving your guests at a party, in your garden, by the beach. Nothing beats the convenience of this powerpack beverage, so make sure you get 1 now.

Kona Green
A thirst quenching,refreshing and
nourishing drink made with
Hawaii spirulina and organic green tea.

Conceived and developed with Aloha on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona Green Spirulina Green Tea is a result of our untiring efforts to create a well-balanced and tasty drink. In developing this nourishing beverage, we have paid special attention to optimise not only the nutritional profiles, but also the taste. Only the best ingredients are considered : Hawaii Spirulina grown right here in Hawaii, and organic green tea. The healthy product is purposedly unsweetened, yet taste delicious and zesty.

Kona Green Spirulina Green Tea comes in a convenient 2gm sachet. All you need to enjoy this refreshing, nourishing, thirst quenching, health enhancing drink is to add hot or cold water to it. To prepare the drink, place the 2gm mixture in a tea cup, then pour 8 fl oz hot or cold water into the tea cup. It is ready for your enjoyment instantly. It is convenient for your enjoyment at homes, in office or outdoors.

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